a quickie poly-ticky...

So I really had intended to avoid the repugnican convention....only out of fairness...don't wanna watch that sort of thing for either party. seriously.

but i surfed....and i knew tonite was the big speech for sarah palin. and frankly, she does intrigue me a bit. she's the most 'maverick' thing mccain's done in years.

and i *LIKE* mavericks. if you're a maverick you get brownie points in my book just for breathing.

it's why i liked mccain back in 2000. it's why i wish i could like him now. frankly, i had a feeling i might like palin.

and after watching much of her speech, i've decided i do like her. would we agree politically? no. in fact if we were neighbors, i'm quite sure we'd have fun lobbing raspberries (red) and blueberries (duh) over the fence at each other at barbeques. just in good fun. catcalling liberal versus conservative sayings we didn't even believe just cuz it was expected. and all the while laughing at the utter absurdity of it.

she's quite charming. and even seems to posess a sense of humor...or was WELL-coached on delivery. she had a lot of gentle barbs and zingers which were delivered on lace-fringed overstuffed pillows. fairly lightweight stuff. she took the high road for the most part. which again, i respect. ther'es a time for red-meat mudslinging. but we've had too much divisiveness the last coupla decades. it needs to stop for a while.

she spoke with grace and style, they actually had a camera pointing at the audience from behind her that showed the TelePrompTer...not sure if that was deliberate or not...

then was the magickal moment when it all fell apart. watch for this to be quoted on The Daily Show tomorrow...

She was extolling McCain's virtues. How he was the man who has been against special interests and willing to stand up to big business and the establishment the whole time and who had these organizations against him since 2000.


...after he got swiftboated and all those corrupt special interests and big businesses fell into line with open wallets to crown W king.... so he could fuck things up so bad that the only repugnican with ANY standing left in the country was mccain....

i almost feel sorry for the guy.

and if i had any faith at all that he would be permitted to be the maverick i know he could be, i'd consider voting for him. however i know full well that if he manages to get in, the most important decisions of his time in office would still have to be vetted by his party.

and from looking around the approving audience at palin's speech, knowing full well that those men and women were the salt of the repugnican party...gee. that was bloody scary. i could handle mccain i think. i could handle palin.

i. cannot. handle the repugnican party. and after the damage done by W's administration...yea. a mccain/palin ticket just won't attract me now even though i do kinda like 'em both.
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Life update...

So it's been an interesting few daze...rather productive I must admit...

Nice relaxing weekend overall...spent some time with Sandy, Vikki and Liz on Sunday, lazing about doing *nothing*. Unfortunately Liz got a nasty flu just as it was time to go....ended up being down for a couple of daze. Thankfully it looks like I dodged that bullet.

Monday...just another day...prepare for yesterday..

Until I got a phone call from my boss's boss

She asked how I was doing and then asked when I was back, and when I'd just even come back briefly. Seems one of our network engineers is moving on and she wanted to discuss some "changes" in the department.

I read between the lines and actually got a bit optimistic.... so I told her I would be in the next day and we agreed to meet in the afternoon.

Yesterday the plan was to get into work and go see my GP next door at Swedish Covenant. As you might know the antibiotics are kicking my arse with all the salt and the peeing and the schedule...\

my alarm went off at 4am. I didn't move till after 6.


Get into work just in time to walk next door. Gave records and stuff to the doc and we chatted. He really couldn't do much for me. Which confirmed my earlier suspicion that I was in a delaying tactic earlier. See, I had complained to the ID staff that I was being overwhelmed with all the salt I was taking in. They told me to make an appointment with my primary care.


ok that's 3 weeks gone by, plus another 2 weeks before I got to the point where I could mention something.

Now to get anywhere, we'd have to get 2 different doctors, each in only one day a week and from 2 different hospitals to exchange records and discuss what else to do.

By the time that's done? Treatment's conveniently done too.

Blood pressure is elevated for me. If I walked into any doctor's office, it would just be at the high end of normal.
I have edema all over the place...can barely wear shoes, but that will get better after I'm off the drugs.

So I deal.

Meanwhile, back at work, I'm a bit of a celebrity. People asking me how I'm doing, ooh-ing and ahh-ing in amazement over my 'tard helmet, and, where applicable, geeking meds with me and swapping PICC line stories...

enniehoo to make a long story short, in the meeting, i will be assuming network engineering role as of february. That will give time for me to train my replacement, get back in the loop after several months out of the loop and dovetail nicely into review time etc etc.

Yes that means promotion.


and today my car got totalled.

well not really...but really.

I had a minor fender bender back in March, but didn't bother to claim it at the time as I had other things going on and the damage was quite minor. However, as the other party went to insurance, I decided to go as well, especially since I had paid for the full coverage.

My initial estimate was $1500 to fix the car. Insurance choked a bit, then sent an adjuster to my house to inspect in person. That already told me the odds were I was a total. He did say I won though. Over 19 years adjusting and he had NEVER seen a car with 376,000 miles on it before. I was 60,000 miles past the highest he'd ever seen.

So after he did all the math, I could take $1200 plus tax paid on another car and he could call a tow truck, or I could take $900 and we'd be done.

Since I only have minor and maintenance issues with my car (need tires for winter, front end alignment, a tune-up...) I'd be nucking futz to give up a perfectly good 40mpg car that runs fine and take on something I would have no idea what might be wrong with it. I don't want to take on a car payment and can't afford one now in any case. And even $1200 isn't much of a car...

So now I have money to winterize my car. :)

And while I waited for him to do his paperwork, I took the time to wax my bike and put a new tarp on it which I've been meaning to do for the last 3 weeks...not as though I'll get to ride it this season... :-S

and lastly, I found this surfing....Awesome teh geeknezz!

geeky girlz so rule my world...
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So I haven't been political in a bit...

back in the day i often posted lil bits i pulled off the news showing the erosion of human rights in america, the invasions of privacy, the excesses of corporate greed as well as other bits that bothered or horrified me as i watched this once great nation slide almost inexorably into a fascist nanny police state.

granted i'm glad to see some of this trend is finally reversing, or at least the brakes are going on

Still...after being pointed to this frighteningly prescient article from January 2001 in, of all places, the Onion, by thunderslug I followed a few of the links. A few are too old and expired, but this one had some amusing as well as scathing short vids on it...

OK this is just wrong...

so i subscribe to some TechRepublic stuff. Some of it is inane, some of it surprisingly sneaky. Today I get this article showing me how to expand a system volume on a Virtual machine. Neat. Useful even.

Here's where it gets wrong for me...

The 'how-to-do-it-in-WINDOWS' dialog takes you to an all-command-prompt performance.
The 'how-to-do-it-in-LINUX' dialog is ALL GUI!


A link....

Mainly in payment to evildingdong for some of the tunages he's posted recently, but i'm fairly sure eric_coleman will get a kick out of it...and i bet you will too...

or at least you'll throw leeks at me next time you see me....

and hey....at least I didn't rickroll anybody. :D

so who wants some leeks?

edit: btw... You might have seen a similar video to this by now. I at least give you a different version.

who'd'a thunk a 70 year old polka from finland would hold up so well?
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Ok this is a pimping...

youraugustine is an abso-bloodly-lutely fucking brilliant writer. but very very private. if you ask nicely she will usually open some of her writings up to you. They're novel-length, intricate, detailed, and belie knowledge of worlds she should not be privy to.

This is a rare privilege. A work of hers that is not protected. A glowing piece of short fiction.

I *HIGHLY* recommend it.
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so this is a big duh for anybody who knows me....

I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Physical Touch

<th colspan="2">My Detailed Results:</th>
Physical Touch: 11
Quality Time: 8
Acts of Service: 4
Words of Affirmation: 4
Receiving Gifts: 3

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Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

Tag 3 people so they can find out what their love language is.

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On another more significant note, a big spankin' sappy barfday to the lovely and talented ann_totusek

off to bed. the alarm for the 4am dosing goes off soon...
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And now for something more mundane....

After that inspiring happypost, I figure you might wanna know what's going on with my head.

The spot with the skull removed is caving in nicely. More of a flattening than a caving in but now I really know where my bone is missing. The stitches itch unless I go near them. Then they can be rather painful still. I'll SO be looking forward to having them removed. I say that with both sarcasm and anticipation.

Medicine generates a *BUTTLOAD* of garbage. I go through 14 syringes each 24 hour day. Each in its own sterile plastic wrapper. I go through anywhere from 3-12 alcohol-pads to sterilize things. One IV tube a day (reused 3 times). 3 half-liter bags and 3 large syringes. plus various caps and plugs, plus paper towels I use to dry my hands after antiseptic washes and cleanup from inevitable IV drip because I regularly have to drain air out of my line...this antibiotic I'm on bubbles almost like beer sometimes I swear...

I'm looking forward to having a little fun when i start going back to the office. I will reuse these bags and take full advantage of my being on a PICC line. I'm'a fill one with coffee. Another with Mountain Dew. A few others with water and the BRIGHTEST, most OBNOXIOUS food colorings I can manage.

And I've decided on how I want to decorate my helmet.

Yes I will continue to accept signatures on it; good wishes and get wells and such. But I still have people staring at me when I'm out wearing it. Odd "shouldn't you be in an institution, where's your handler" type looks. Which are even funnier when they see me get out of a car that I was obviously just driving!

So in response, I know how I want to decorate my helmet.

2 words


If you can't see how those 2 words would just be perfect, I fear for your sanity and functionality and definitely wonder what you're doing on my f-list. ;)
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