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Stuff Genereal

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Praise Bob

15 January 1965
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User Number: 1470123
Date Created:11-18-2003
Number of Posts: 93

I am an alien from the Planet Candrau. Take me to your stove. er...um...that didn't come out right. Who am i? what am i? not many have a good hold on that, even people who should. guess that just makes me interesting. take it or leave it.
Strengths: +5 on ANY roll involving technology. -10 on ANY roll involving a technological attack against me. Plays well with others. Cuddly. Makes a great BOSU.
Weaknesses: Bad with yoga or anything involving physical flexibility. Prone to scare the weak of mind. Does not suffer fools gladly. Oh wait, that last is a strength.
Special Skills: Magic touch. Understanding. Empathy. Wiz at computers.
Weapons: My mind for triple damage. +5 Hit Point Flatulence of Doom. +2 Hit point sharp tongue. +5 on concealed weapons roll.
Mottos: Futuaris nisi irrisus ridebis! (Fukkem if dey can't take a joke!) De recta non tolerandum sunt! (No sphincters!) Et Verbum Tibi Vobiscum In Principio! (May your data be restored to its original pristine condition!) Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici. (By the power of Truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe)

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